More silly songs your preschooler will love

Music is a great way to help kids develop language, motor, and memory skills. Here are 10 more silly preschool songs that kids are sure to enjoy, and they’re especially great for getting wiggly kids up and moving around.

Music is a great way to help kids develop language, motor, and memory skills. Here are 10 more silly preschool songs that kids are sure to enjoy, and they're especially great for getting wiggly kids up and moving around.

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Hands down, the most popular article here at The Many Little Joys is a round-up of my family’s favorite silly songs that I shared last summer. Over a year later, it’s still one of the top-viewed posts every day. Apparently, we’re not the only family who regularly feels the need to get moving and grooving to the music. 

And with good reason. Music is such a great addition to our homes and our lives. Music has an incredible power to affect our moods, and it’s a great teaching tool to use with our kids.

Just this morning, in fact, my boys were fighting at breakfast about whose turn it was to sing a song (Yep, this is my life. Perhaps that’s why my mom made a no-singing-at-the-table rule in our house growing up). My solution? Let’s all listen to and sing music TOGETHER (not revolutionary, but you would think I’m Einstein from my boy’s enthusiasm at this idea.

We got an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas, and it has become our go-to for listening to music during the day. I love listening to Little Brother shout, “Alexa, play kids music please!” And she does! Side note: my boys also love asking Alexa to tell them knock-knock jokes…and they don’t understand the punch lines, which makes it even funnier for me.

Anyway, Alexa has introduced us to a lot of new music this year, and I can’t keep them to myself. So, here’s a new playlist of silly songs your preschooler will love. Some of these we’ve found through Alexa, some we learned at storytime at the library, and some have trickled into our lives in other ways. But they’re all silly, fun, and sure to please the preschoolers in your life. Enjoy!

If you missed the original Silly Songs Your Preschooler Will Love post, you can find it here.

10 Silly Preschool Songs Your Child Will Love

(Click on the title links for each song to watch & listen to a video of it.)

1. We are the Dinosaurs by The Laurie Berkner Band

My boys are obsessed with dinosaurs, so when Alexa randomly played this for us on our “Little Kids Music” playlist a couple of months ago, my boys were immediately in love. They stomp around the house doing their best T-Rex impressions, while we all sing along. Sometimes we even turn it into a follow-the-leader game where one person chooses a type of dinosaur to act out, and we all have to mimic it.

2. The Goldfish by The Laurie Berkner Band

This song is by the same group at We are the Dinosaurs, but I didn’t know that when I first heard it. We learned it at story time at our local library a few months ago, and I thought it was so clever! It’s about some little fish in the ocean and all the fishy (and not-so-fishy) things they do. Little Man’s preschool even sang this as part of their preschool graduation this week. It’s a must-listen for sure!

3. Move and Freeze by The Learning Station

I had never heard this song until Little Man’s birthday party a couple of weeks ago where we had a dance party. One of the adorable little girls at the party said this was her favorite song, and I can see why! It’s basically a song with freeze dance built into it–perfect for getting little ones up and exercising.

4. Boom Chicka Boom by Jack Hartmann

This song is an echo song, so kids can repeat what the song says. My kids love this, especially when they start singing it silly ways. We like to make up our own versions to (dinosaur-style, of course, happens every time).

5. Seven Days of the Week by They Might Be Giants

I have fond memories as a child of dancing around the house to “Particle Man” and “Birdhouse in Your Soul,” so I was thrilled when I learned that They Might be Giants has several kids’ albums complete with music videos! This song teaches the days of the week in the quirky, random style the band is known for….and kids love quirky and random. The best part is that they are also nuanced with humor that parents will appreciate (a breath of fresh air in the world of mind-numbing songs like Five Little Monkeys…not that I have anything against the primates). They have other songs that teach about numbers, planets, geography, and so many more! Seriously, these are awesome…and not just for preschoolers.

6. The Name of my Frog by Bryant Oden

This is a super silly song about a man who names his dog “dog” and his cat “cat”, but his frog has a ridiculously long name that makes my kid giggle. It would be a good one for practicing basic reading skills, too, if you wrote the names of the animals on cards, taped the to the wall, and had your child run and touch the word for the animal.

7. I Love Trash by Oscar the Grouch

Who doesn’t love Sesame Street? One of my favorite lullabies to sing my kids is one Ernie sings. There is something so nostalgic and happy to me about songs that involve Cookie Monster, Ernie, Grover, and even–yes–Oscar the Grouch. His song all about the wonders of garbage is great for preschool age kiddos whose sense of humor tends to be tied to anything disgusting.

8. Let’s go to the Zoo by Super Simple Songs

This is another great get-up-and-move song. It encourages kids to act like all their favorite animals in the zoo–stomping, jumping, swinging, and more. It’s another great video from Super Simple Songs, who make some of our absolute favorite kids’ videos (Broccoli Ice Cream and Hickory Dickory Crash) I shared in the first silly songs post last year.

9. Baby Shark by Super Simple Songs

Another fun song we found from Super Simple Songs. It’s a mellow little tune, but it has great potential for being paired with learning activities about comparison. Have the kids act out the song, showing the difference between slow, fast, and faster. It would also be fun to print out pictures of the “shark family” where you can talk about size. Who is big? Who is small? Who is the biggest? These are important preschool vocabulary and spatial awareness skills.

10. Alice the Camel by Appuseries

This apparently-well-known song was new to me when Alexa played it for us a few months ago. There are several versions around, but this one is most similar to the one we listen to. I love that it helps kids practice counting–especially backwards–and my boys think it’s so funny what Alice turns into at the end. Super Simple Songs also has a version that counts from 1-10 using all different animals–not as funny as the version I’m more familiar with, but it’s also a good one for counting.

So there you have it. 10 MORE songs your preschooler will love to sing with you and to you (possibly ad nauseum).

What are YOUR favorite songs to sing with your kids? I’m always looking for ideas.

Music is a great way to help kids develop language, motor, and memory skills. Here are 10 more silly preschool songs that kids are sure to enjoy, and they're especially great for getting wiggly kids up and moving around.

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    1. Yes! It’s not something I ever thought to buy myself, but I’ve loved it! My boys also like to ask it knock knock jokes, which is hilarious because they don’t understand most of them.

  1. Love these! We have a Google Home and it’s introduced us to a lot of fun songs too. My toddler loves Alice the Camel, and it always makes me laugh too!

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