Unconventional baby shower gifts for the mom who already has the basics

Have you ever gone shopping for a baby shower and wondered if the mom-to-be REALLY needs another cute onesie? This gift guide is full of unconventional and creative baby shower gifts that go beyond the basic bottles and blankets.Have you ever gone shopping for a baby shower and wondered if the mom-to-be REALLY needs another cute onesie? This gift guide is full of unconventional and creative baby shower gifts that go beyond the basic bottles and blankets.

Note: This post includes affiliate links to products I have used and loved, but as always feel free to shop around for the best deals. See my disclosure to learn more.

Having a new baby is a big deal–and along with the baby itself comes all the stuff you need for a baby. Now, I’m not one to buy every fancy product on the market. I’ve never owned a wipe warmer…or even a changing table for that matter. I’m kind of a bare bones girl when it comes to a lot of baby stuff. We bought a basic car seat, stroller, and pack-n-play, and they’ve served us well through two kids.

And as much as I LOVE shopping for baby clothes (and I still buy them sometimes for baby showers–who can resist a cute bunny on the bum of itty-bitty pants?), new moms tend to get A LOT of clothes as gifts. So I like to think outside the box, especially if it’s a mom who already has an older child. They often have all the basics, not to mention more adorable receiving blankets than they know what to do with. So what do you get THAT mom to show your love?

I’ve finally figured out the answer to what to get the mom who already has everything she needs for the new baby–Groupons!

Why I love Groupon for gifts

Have you used Groupon before? I’ve been buying Groupons for years–everything from mini golf and escape room experiences to restaurant gift cards and flowers. I buy them as birthday and Christmas presents, and sometimes I just buy them to save some money on a fun date night with my husband. They’ve always been easy to redeem, and I’ve saved a lot of pennies over the years while getting to do some fun things (like go-kart racing) that I otherwise wouldn’t have paid full-price for.

The ONE time I had a problem redeeming a voucher with a vendor, Groupon was really good to work with and refunded my money. Yay for good customer service! (Keep in mind that they typically do NOT offer refunds once a Groupon has been purchased, so buy carefully. But, in my case, they refunded my money because after multiple documented attempts to contact the vendor, I could not get anyone to respond and schedule an appointment with me.)

Okay, back to the baby shower gifts…

What do Groupons have to do with finding the perfect gift for a new mom or mom-to-be? It’s not like your best friend is likely to get behind the wheel of a go-kart at eight months pregnant, I know. But..Groupon has some great gifts that really are perfect for expectant moms, whether it’s their first or fifth time around the block.

Some of the ideas I’ve included are practical, some are sentimental, and some are a great way to pamper that mama before a baby turns her world upside down for a while. There’s something for every mom.

Unconventional baby shower gifts new moms will LOVE

House Cleaning Services

Seriously, do you know how hard it is to scrub the bath tub when you can’t even see your toes? That nesting mama instinct hits hard the last trimester, but that big pregnant belly makes cleaning the house so much harder than it was a few months ago. Save her back, and allow her to hire someone to do it for her.

Massage/Spa Treatment

Oh, how that pregnant body begins to ache toward the end. I’ve always said pregnancy has to get so uncomfortable at the end so that moms are willing to go through the labor, delivery, and newborn stage. I have pretty good pregnancies, but I still long to be able to detach my heavy belly and put the baby DOWN by the end of nine months.

While your fave mom-to-be is waiting for the big day, you can lessen the load by sending her to the spa for a massage or facial. You may want to call the vendor on the voucher before purchasing to verify that they can accommodate pregnant clients, but most have specific “prenatal” packages ready to go. They know who needs to be pampered.


I rarely get pedicures, but I always schedule one shortly before my due date. It’s a fun way to treat myself, and there’s something nice about knowing that even if everything else about me is a mess during delivery, at least my toes are cute!

Photo Canvas

New parents + babies = So. Many. Pictures. All too often, though, those hundreds (okay, thousands) of pictures end up collecting virtual dust on a computer somewhere. A Groupon for a photo canvas would be a great gift for a new mom who wants to showcase those tiny toes on the wall of the nursery or print a new family picture to hang in the living room.

There are TONS of companies that offer canvasses, and I’ve been pleased with the quality of the ones I’ve ordered through Groupon in the past. One note: most of the Groupons require shipping to be paid in addition to the cost of the Groupon, so you may want to add a little extra money to the gift to cover that cost.

Photography Session (maternity or newborn)

This is another one where I would call before purchasing to make sure that the photographer is willing to do newborn photography. Many photographers stick to a particular niche, so it’s just good to check.

One more tip: make sure you check out the photographer’s website before purchasing to make sure they’re good. I’d avoid mall stores as a general rule, but I’ve found Groupons for solo photographers who are anxious to get their names out there. They’ll likely be more expensive than the department store studio, but you’ll also likely get better pictures. This could be a great group gift.

Pre-baby date night (dinner)

Having a baby is a big change for a couple to deal with. Before the big day, why not treat mom and dad to a special date night? As much as my husband and I still believe in getting out on dates even since we became parents, it’s hard those first few months to leave the baby, especially if the mom is nursing. Giving the expectant couple the means to go out for a fun evening of dinner, or a paint night, or some other pregnant-friendly date night would be a great way to help them strengthen their relationship in preparation for the crazy changes heading their way.

Sweet Treats (especially frozen ones)

Maybe it’s just because all of my pregnancies have taken me through some warm weather, especially this time around since I’m due the beginning of September, but ice cream, frozen yogurt, and smoothies sound WONDERFUL. ALL. THE. TIME. The mom-to-be could use the Groupon to treat herself on the way home from the grocery store, for a cheap date night, or even as a little indulgence after baby is born (send Daddy out to get it).

Personalized Necklace

My best friend gave me a necklace like this after my oldest was born and I LOVED it. It makes me happy to be able to keep my little ones close to my heart even when I’m away from them. There are lots of different styles and designs, so you can order a single name necklace for a new mom, or one that will accommodate several names for moms of many. Now, obviously this doesn’t work if you don’t know the name of the baby yet, but you can always give an IOU (as long as you make sure to follow through).

And last, but not least…

Tips for getting the most out of your Groupon:

  1. Read the fine print (watch out for shipping costs, geographic limitations, etc.)
  2. Pay attention to the expiration date. Offer to schedule it for your intended recipient to ensure that it gets used on time. The value you paid for the Groupon will never expire, but the deal itself will. So if you don’t use it by the due date, you’ll have to pay the difference between the “deal price” and full price. Sad.
  3. Call the vendor if you have questions. If after reading the fine print, you’re unclear about something, make a quick call. There is always contact info listed. In my experience, companies have been happy to answer questions.
  4. Always use a coupon code. Groupon always seems to be running some kind of special…often you can get 20% or more off of the already-discounted Groupon price. They’re not hard to find…they’re usually flashing at the top of the page.

So tell me…are you a Groupon fan? Have you ever given them as baby shower gifts before?

Click HERE to browse the Groupon site.

Have you ever gone shopping for a baby shower and wondered if the mom-to-be REALLY needs another cute onesie? This gift guide is full of unconventional and creative baby shower gifts that go beyond the basic bottles and blankets.

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16 thoughts on “Unconventional baby shower gifts for the mom who already has the basics

  1. These are great ideas! I always suggest house cleaning to friends looking for ideas because I remember what a Godsend that was after I had my baby. Photography sessions are also great, but I think it’s harder to know which photographer the mom may want to use.

    1. I agree that you’d have to know the mom well enough to know her photography style for that gift. House cleaning though…I might just have to buy myself some. 🙂

  2. Great suggestions, especially the housekeeping idea. Trying to maintain a clean home while recovering from birth and adjusting to a new family member is hard. Groupon is a great way to save money and try new companies.

    1. I agree about Groupon being a great way to fin new companies. My husband and I have found some great restaurants, and I found a great hair salon through Groupon. It’s nice to be able to try places out for a much lower cost…less risk.

    1. I’ve only given them as gifts a few times, but it’s been great, especially if it’s someone you know well and can make sure it gets redeemed.

    1. Oh no! I’ve never had any problems with hacking, but that sounds awful. I’m glad they were able to fix it. And yes, I love “experience” gifts, too. The older I get, the less I want STUFF. My husband and I often gift each other fun date nights to concerts, restaurants, theater shows, etc. Earlier this year we bought a Groupon for an escape room and had a big group date with some friends that was SO fun!

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